Chiropractic Testimonials

Our success is determined by helping you heal as fast as possible. By treating you thoroughly, yet without unnecessary visits, we are confident that you will be so satisfied that you will tell all of your friends and family to come see us when they need care. Actually, a majority of our new patients are referred to us by our satisfied patients!

“I am a cardiothoracic surgery Physician Assistant, and a typical day consists of me operating for 6-8 hours straight. I was having tension headaches, and horrible neck pain daily. After seeing Dr. Plese, I felt that I consistently improved under his healthcare guidance. He was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and actually listened to my concerns and centered his treatment plan around my goals. He really elevated my quality of life, and I have never felt better!"

- Kristin Parrish, MS, PA-C

“My health care experience with Priester Chiropractic began after an unsuccessful back surgery, leaving me destined for a wheelchair and barely able to use my hands… the surgery resulted in complete body misalignment. Dr. Priester was very compassionate and knowledgeable about my condition. I didn’t even have to tell him my diagnosis, he knew after examining me. The hands-on care Dr. Priester has given me has been remarkable and rewarding. I’m not in a wheelchair, I have the use of my hands and my pain is bearable. Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Priester and his staff.”

– Judy Griffin

“As a young man growing up, my father had many back and shoulder problems. His doctor always advised him that the only way to resolve those problems was by way of an operation. That thought process became family belief. For those reasons, I stayed away from chiropractic services for years. As a person now in my 50’s, I periodically have back and neck problems. Your practice has always been able to address these problems and get me back to the levels of comfort that I previously enjoyed. My sincere thanks to Priester Chiropractic.”

– Don Olin

"On my initial visit to Priester Chiropractic, Dr. Plese took X-rays and evaluated what was going on with my neck and back. He carefully reviews my X-rays and then outlined the type of care I needed to get better. After a few visits, I was able to turn my head to the right without pain radiating up my neck and down my back. Dr. Plese and his staff at Priester Chiropractic are incredible. They are outstandingly knowledgeable about their methods of care. I’ve been there several times for adjustments due to automobile accident. Each time, I’ve received first-rate medical care delivered with gentleness and kindness. I’m glad my daughter recommended Dr. Plese. I will be using Priester Chiropractic for all future neck and back pain. Thank you, Dr. Plese! You are the best!!"

- Martha Pitts

Professional References

“I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Priester for approximately the last fifteen years. Dr. Priester is an extremely knowledgeable and talented chiropractor. He is well respected by his chiropractic peers as well as medical physicians who treat spinal disease.”

– Bruce V. Darden, II, MD / OrthoCarolina Spine Center

“I suppose the greatest endorsement I can give is that I have chosen Dr. Priester as my own chiropractic physician. That should speak volumes.”

– Neal Speight, MD / Kouri Medical Clinic

“He demands that his patients receive the best surgical and medical advice and the best therapy input under his direction. I find him a competent colleague and recommend without hesitancy.”

– Anthony H. Wheeler, MD, FAADEP, CIME / Pain and Orthopedic Neurology

“Dr. Priester and his caring, professional team represent the ultimate level of chiropractic care. The thorough treatments unlocked years of tension from my muscles. I’m much more comfortable now than I was before!”

- Dr. Christopher Bowman, DDS

“When I decided to compete in Senior Track and Field events after a 40 plus year absence, I knew I’d face injuries and pain from training at a very high level. So, I visited Dr. Priester to talk about my goals and to anticipate areas of potential injury so we could minimize lost training time.

In seven months, I’ve been able to:

• Win gold in the Florida Senior Games • Tied the FL state record • Set a new NC senior record • Earn a #2 national ranking for my age group

When I qualified to participate in the Senior National Championship Games, John was the first of my friends that I called to share the news. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to train and perform at a world-class level without the special care and advice I’ve received from Priester Chiropractic. Attached is a video for my 60th birthday:”

- Aubrey Hilliard Charlotte, NC

Dr. Plese is very excited to announce he is the Head Chiropractor for Carolina Energy. 2018 will be his first year with the team and he is very excited and grateful for the opportunity. The reputation he established in his first year of practice in Charlotte afforded him the opportunity to work with the team. Dr. Plese is looking forward to working with and treating such high-level athletes.

Priester Chiropractic has also worked with countless elite teams, including:

• The Charlotte Hornets • Charlotte Sting basketball • Charlotte Checkers hockey • Charlotte Cobras arena football

These healthcare professionals and many more trust Dr. Priester and you can too. Please call for an appointment with this trusted chiropractor.


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