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Our chiropractic physicians and clinical massage therapists use a wide variety of techniques, exercises, and equipment to get you back into shape. While being rehabilitated under our services you can expect to experience the hands-on approach that you deserve. Your treatment will be dictated by your therapy needs. Just as no two injuries or surgeries are exactly the same, no two clients will receive exactly the same care. Our sessions are designed specifically to suit your individual needs, helping you to heal as soon as possible and to reduce the risks of re-injury. While we think general spa-oriented massage is a good thing, we perform clinical massage therapy in Charlotte that is focused on the muscles, tendons and ligaments associated with the injury to focus on the goal of helping you heal.

Whether you see us for rehabilitation after surgery, "pre-hab" before surgery or if you are lucky enough to not need surgery, it is important to keep the bigger picture in sight: you want to be able to move about as you did before you were injured. You are the most important part of your recovery. Yes, therapy can be difficult, but Priester Chiropractic is here to see that your regimen is perfectly suited to you, your injury or surgery, your lifestyle and your goals. Under our supervision, the healing process will be accelerated and it will produce results.

How many massage therapy sessions in Charlotte will it take?

We pride ourselves on treating people so that they heal quickly and continue along with their lives. While we would love to tell you that rehab will not take long, we really cannot answer this question for you without discussing your specific situation. It is important that you work hand-in-hand with your chiropractic physician to determine your goals and how best to fit the healing process into your busy life.

After meeting with you, we can create a plan to meet your goals. The plan may include physical therapy, massage therapy, stretching, strength and conditioning exercises and rest. We want your experience to be a pleasant one, not one that feels like a drain on your time and wallet.

You are one phone call away from beginning your road to rehabilitation. Our friendly, courteous staff is waiting for you to call and set up your first appointment.


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