History of the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte NC is located in North Carolina, and it boasts of a lot of things. It has a lot of activities, and these activities can cater for every type of person. From the museums, fitness classes to the sports like NFL and much more, these are just but a few, the activities in this City are so immense that I cannot mention now. Today we will just be talking about the history of the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, NC. Also take a map below if you're wondering how far your Charlotte Chiropractor is from where the Panthers take the field.

This is an American football team, Panthers team is known for their success, and they also compete in the (NFL) National Football League. The headquarters of Panthers is located in Bank of America Stadium; this is in Uptown Charlotte. This is also the home field of panther's team. In their first two years of playing, they played really well and were successful as well.

It is among the few teams that have a stadium of their own. The stadium has been registered legally as Panthers' stadium LLC. Panthers have a lot of supporters from Carolinas, in fact almost everyone in Carolinas support panthers.

Carolina Panthers began as early as 1993. This is the year when NFL awarded Charlotte, North the franchise. However, their first play was in 1995 under their owner as well as the founder Jerry Richardson; they played the game against Jacksonville Jaguars. They managed to win 6 division titles as well as 2 NFL championships since they first played their home game in Charlotte in the year 1996. Panther is the first NFL franchise that is based in Carolina. It is also the second professional sports team that is based in Charlotte.

North Carolina's native known as Jerry Richardson managed to announce his bid of the expansion of NFL franchise in Carolina. However, his inspiration came from a person known as George Shinn. George also bid for the Charlottes expansion team, and he was successful in it.

The team's name came from Richardson himself; he had always had that in mind. Immediately after the naming, he ventured to drive a car which has a license plate written 'PNTHRS.' The team's name was announced in 1993, and by that time, they had not decided on the design of the team's uniform. But after intense discussion, they decided on specific colors which involved white, black, blue and colored; these are for jerseys and pants respectively. However, the team was recently purchased by David Tepper; this happened in 2018.

If you do not live in Charlotte, create some time and visit the place. You will be in a position to enjoy several things from seeing the beautiful sceneries in Charlotte, enjoying the nice activities, to enjoying watching the NFL. If you are an NFL fan, you should choose to visit during the NFL season; this is the best time because you will get to enjoy watching and cheering your favorite team fully. Get your tickets in time; you do not want to sit in a place which will make it harder for you to see your favorite players.