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See below for some frequently asked questions and answers from your top-rated Charlotte chiropractor.

What insurance plans do you accept in Charlotte?

Priester Chiropractic accepts most major insurance plans, including but not limited to: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, MedCost, Cigna, Primary Physician Care, and Aetna Insurance.

When do I need my insurance card?

Please provide us with your current insurance card on your first visit, or any time that your insurance provider changes.

When is payment due?

All co-payments and fees are due when your services are rendered. No healthcare provider who files your insurance for a given service can waive your co-payment, as this is a legal agreement between you and your insurance company. Again, verification of your insurance benefits is "not a guarantee of coverage" and is provided as a courtesy by Priester Chiropractic.

Who handles disputes with my insurance carrier?

It is your responsibility to know your insurance policy benefits, such as co-payments and deductibles. It is also your responsibility to handle any disputes between you and your insurance carrier once claims are processed and benefits are released.

Please give us call, and we will check with your insurance company and set up an appointment today!


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