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Wellness Chiropractor in Charlotte, NC

“Dr. Priester recognizes holistic quality patient care, incorporating referrals and communication to physiatry, physical therapy and appropriate imaging as needed. He takes a ‘team’ approach, often referring to our group for sport specific training and injection consultation to optimize patient outcome.”

• Graham Claytor, MPT, SCS • Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist • Manager, Physical Therapy Dept.
• Carolina NeuroSurgery and Spine Associates

We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of injuries and conditions that affect the muscles, bones and nervous system. Our clinical team emphasizes quality of care to achieve fast, sustainable improvements.

Common Conditions:

• Neck and Back Pain • Rib Joint Pain • Postural Problems • Disc Problems • Pinched Nerves
• Sprains and Strains, Tendonitis • Muscle Spasms, Pain, and Imbalances • Overuse Injuries • Headaches • Joint Pain
• Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease (Osteoarthritis) • Post-Surgical Back Pain
• Post-Surgical Functional Rehabilitation (Getting You “Back to Your Best”)
• Arm Pain (including Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand) • Leg Pain (including Hip, Knee, Ankle and Foot)


• Cervical and Lumbar Radiculopathy • Disc Herniations • Mechanical Spine Pain • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
• Cervicogenic Headache • Spinal and Foraminal Stenosis • Facet Syndrome • Discogenic Low Back Pain • Stable Scoliosis
• Sacroiliac Dysfunction

Work-Related Injuries and Motor Vehicle Accidents (Personal Injury):
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Sprains and Strains • Whiplash Syndrome • Back and Neck Injuries

• Plantar Fasciitis • TMJ Disorder (Temporal-Mandibular Joint or Jaw Pain)
• Myofascial Pain Syndrome (Muscle Pain, Fibromyalgia) • Headaches due to Tension, Migraine, Cervicogenic
• Stress-Related Disorders

Back Pain

Back pain is a generic term, but one that many of us are all too familiar with. During the course of our lives, nine out of ten of us will experience some form of back pain; five out of ten of us will experience back pain that is so intense that it will prohibit us from performing our jobs to the best of our ability, or from participating in activities that we once enjoyed. Find back pain relief when you seek the services of Priester Chiropractic.

Back pain can result from sports-related injuries, strain, chronic conditions, and more. Our well-trained, highly-educated staff is here to listen to how your back pain manifests itself and how it affects your daily routine. Once we listen to you and assess how your back pain is affecting you and understand its underlying causes, we will determine who, on our professional team, will treat you. It may be one of our chiropractic physicians or a chiropractor and a clinical massage therapist. When we’re finished, we’ll give you tools, information and exercises to stay strong and healthy at home.

Any time that pain prohibits you from accomplishing what you want to, or from performing daily tasks, it is the appropriate time to seek help. How often have you spoken with your friends or coworkers and heard how an aching back is preventing them from enjoying life? Instead of trying to “muscle through” the pain, or taking medications to improve your quality of life, take the time to call and arrange for a professional consultation with Priester Chiropractic. We feel confident that our services will meet your needs and get you on your way to recovery.
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Neck Pain

An estimated two-thirds of American adults are afflicted with neck pain at some point. If caught and addressed early, chronic neck pain and surgery can be avoided.

Your neck connects your spine with your skull, basically equivalent to a ten-pound bowling ball, making it vulnerable to certain stresses, injuries, and conditions that can cause you to feel neck pain and discomfort. The neck pain you’ve been experiencing could be attributed to the way you sit at your computer, a car accident, stress that is carried in your neck and shoulder muscles, a herniated disk, and even arthritis. Whatever is causing neck pain, it can be properly diagnosed and treated, but you have to take the action to get the help you need. When you’re in need of immediate neck pain relief, call on the professionals at Priester Chiropractic.


Poor posture causes misalignment of your spine. Chronic poor posture, like when you are in an awkward position for an extended period of time each day over many years (i.e. reading in bed, sleeping on stiff pillows, sitting in front of a computer, holding a phone up to your ear), can strain your neck and cause pain. Neck pain that results from poor posture tends to show up as aches and soreness in the muscles of your neck and arms. Those muscles may develop “knots,” or trigger points where the muscles have spasmed and won’t relax. Those muscles will pull on your neck in awkward directions and over time, your spinal column may become misaligned, develop subluxations, and neck pain. If left untreated, arthritis or compressed, fused, or herniated discs may develop, and now you have a much more serious problem.

Injuries / Sports Injuries

Whiplash occurs when your neck is violently moved back and forth or forward and backward. Inflammation caused by whiplash can cause prolonged pain, weakness, and limited function in your neck. Muscle spasms gradually develop in the minutes or hours after an injury, the major symptom being neck pain that comes on slowly.

Contact sports and car accidents can cause whiplash as well as a variety of injuries that cause neck pain. A “burner” or “stinger” is a minor injury to the nerves between your neck and shoulder that often occurs during contact sports. Spinal cord injuries may also manifest as neck pain. These may result in pain and numbness in your neck, shoulder, arms, and legs. Such injuries should be evaluated immediately by a doctor.

The Spinal Connection

If your neck pain involved radiculopathy, throbbing pain and/or numbness that radiates from your neck down into your arm, you may have a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve in your neck usually results from a herniated disk.

Spinal stenosis also could make your neck hurt. Spinal stenosis is characterized by narrow nerve openings around the spinal cord or other nerve roots. Its symptoms are similar to those of a pinched nerve, with pain that can radiate into the arms and cause decreased muscle size over time. In some cases, a bone or spinal-cord tumor can result in unexplained neck pain.

Getting Help

Chiropractic care incorporates a broad range of modalities to treat neck pain depending on the source, and a good chiropractor will perform a thorough history and physical evaluation and determine the proper course of action. There are some serious conditions and injuries that can result in neck pain, and Dr. Plese will not hesitate to refer you if he cannot help you. It is a good idea to consult with your doctor if you have pain, stiffness, limited range of motion, or other neck symptoms associated with a fever and malaise that aren’t going away. With the right diagnosis and treatment, you may be able to get rid of that pain in the neck once and for all.

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Knee Pain

Your knees are one of the most used and abused parts of your body. How often do you find yourself on your knees picking up something, playing with your kids or pets, lifting heavy objects or working in the garden? Because of this, many people experience knee pain at some point. 

According to

“Knee …pain… can develop in and around the knee joint and can be caused by dysfunction or disease in the patella (kneecap) meniscus (knee joint) or in the surrounding ligaments or tendons. The muscles that attach to the knee may also experience problems. For instance, a quadriceps strain (the big muscle that runs down the front of the leg) can cause difficulty and pain when bending the knee joint.

A knee will experience undo stress when the joint is unable to glide in a nearly straight line. Over time, excessive side-to-side motion (shearing force) can cause serious joint problems. One of the more common problems from improper knee tracking is called Runner’s Knee. The over-use stress and jarring of routine running activities coupled with a poor tracking ability of the kneecap will wear down and inflame the knee joint cartilage. The result will be pain, swelling, and dysfunction. Left untreated, these inflammatory knee disorders will lead to arthritis.”

Priester Chiropractic “…can determine how your knee is tracking while watching you walk or run. In addition, a measurement called the Q-Angle can be made to help determine how much tracking stress is being exerted on a knee joint. The Q-Angle is measured as the deviation that exists from an imaginary line drawn made between the hip, the knee, and the ankle. The more inward or outward the kneecap is in relation to the hip and ankle, the greater the tracking stress on the knee joint will be.

Knee alignment can be improved though therapeutic measures. Such measures include joint manipulation as well as stretching and strengthening the muscles that support the knee. In addition, proper footwear with special attention to arch support, cushioning, and hyperpronation reduction (rapid turning in of the foot while walking or running) may greatly improve a knee condition.” *

Priester Chiropractic can treat your knee pain and get you walking comfortably again.

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Car Accident Injuries

Have you been in a car accident? Are you hurting? If you’ve been in a car accident and had a significant injury, you probably already went to a hospital or urgent care facility. Complex injuries such as those involving internal organs or head trauma warrant seeking medical attention immediately. 

However, if you suspect the injuries were more soft tissue, which means strain or sprains to the muscles and ligaments, joints, and nerves, it is a good decision to contact a doctor to help diagnose and prevent further injury. Your medical doctor may prescribe pain medications and/or muscle relaxants which can help with pain and inflammation. However, you also need to treat the muscles and ligaments that received the injury, and immediate chiropractic care is the best approach.

Common Symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms of a rear end motor vehicle accident are:

• Neck pain and stiffness • Headaches • Dizziness • Blurred vision • Fatigue • Difficulty concentrating • Irritability • Tingling in her arms, hands and legs 
• Middle and low back pain (less common)

At Priester Chiropractic, we implement therapeutic modalities such as ice and moist heat, clinical massage therapy for back pain, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation (interferential therapy). Specific clinical massage increases blood flow to the muscles and ligaments to remove toxins and deliver necessary nutrients. This promotes rapid healing with minimal to no scar tissue (fibrosis) formation, which is important because scar tissue often leads to chronic pain later in life. The sooner you get in to see us, the quicker you will have relief from pain, and the less chance you have of developing chronic pain.

As you go from pain to stiffness it is important to determine if there is any joint dysfunction causing you to have restricted motion. Joint dysfunction is when joints and muscles are not working together in a harmonious fashion which can also lead to chronic long-term problems as well. Adjunct treatments such as spinal manipulation and clinical massage therapy may increase mobility and prevent arthritis from developing. However, not every patient requires spinal manipulation. It is often important to begin the physical therapy modalities and at a later date determine whether spinal manipulation is needed.

Our Approach

Our approach to treating motor vehicle accident victims consists of a thorough physical and neurological exam to determine the diagnosis and treatment options, which are individualized to each patient. If we feel your diagnosis is a condition that needs further evaluation, we will not hesitate to refer you to the appropriate medical specialist or for imaging beyond the digital x-rays that we may take in the office. At Priester Chiropractic, all treatments are designed to help you heal as quickly as possible to save you time and money.

Documentation for Insurance Claims

When it comes to car accident injuries, we know that insurance companies like to have extra paperwork. Rest assured that we know how to document your situation so that the insurance companies receive the detailed paperwork that they need for processing your claims.

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